Off With [My] Head!

Published December 15, 2009 by veryjaneeyre

My head is a mess.

Between my impending cold and my horrible nightmares, I don’t know how much more I can take. My head decided to take a break from the action today and let me stress out my heart. There’s only so much adrenaline that can be pumped into your system before you just want to nap. Always being on the verge of flight half of “fight or flight” is awfully exhausting, especially when it’s completely unnecessary.

Why can’t my brain realize that every time someone says “she”, 99.9% of the time, it is not me that’s being talked about? And why do I always feel like it is? I’m not narcissistic, nor am I horrendously paranoid, so what’s the deal? Oh, yeah, a long history of people talking behind my back. Forgot about that.

Life was simpler when Justin, JC, Lance, Joey and Chris ruled the world. And because I’m sick of Christmas music right now, enjoy this NON-Christmas video!


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