they’ll even tap that.

Published May 15, 2010 by veryjaneeyre

Got semi-involved in a conversation about gambling the other day. Ended up astounding someone with the declaration that I must not be a gambler- actual gambling bores me. Am I too rational to enjoy mindlessly throwing my money away or not smart enough to know how to play the house? Since he and bro take an annual trip to Vegas, I wondered aloud what this trip entails since I would be bored out of my mind to be in a casino 24/7.

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, my brain caught up with me, shouting UFC! UFC! The guy just kind of looked at me, while I got a rundown from someone else that went like this: gym, pool, casino, UFC- lather, rinse, repeat- add in concert as needed. I could get behind 2 to 3 things listed. I think it’d be interesting to see a MMA fight live. (In fact, I have one on tv as I type this.) Men that contort themselves into interesting positions while being held there by another man, in little clothing, and using terms like submission and domination, what’s not to like? 😉 (I get my dirty mind from my mother!)

Headed to the casino- for non-gambling reasons- soon. Don’t plan on bringing any money to give to the Mohegans, unless it’s to one of the pretty stores that get browsed whenever I go or Mr. Gambler gives me some of his moolah to play with. Ha- that’ll be the day.

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