don’t over think it

Published February 12, 2011 by veryjaneeyre

Blame it on the Goose,
gotcha feelin’ loose….
– Blame It,
Jamie Foxx f. T-Pain

I either have to stop drinking any sort of alcohol or drink more to get used to it. I have yet to figure out which it should be.

I went out with a few coworkers last night and only had one drink, but it was enough, especially since I hadn’t really eaten anything during the day and I was imbibing on vodka.

Ideas and memories that should have rolled off my tongue took a moment to recall and thoughts that should have had me pausing to consider ramifications, slipped out before I knew what was happening. It’s like my brain was in reverse. Over-thinking me is back in control now.

While I didn’t say anything that I should be embarrassed about, I did let out something that could potentially hurt me so deeply that I may never reach out again. And that was on top of me confessing who I’m attracted to. My sister said that I was playing with fire when I mentioned that second part. Seriously? So what if he knows? If he has any brains, he should know already. As someone pointed out, it’s a lose-lose situation; tell me something I didn’t know.

I just hope that my company was pleasant enough to get me invited the next time they go. Maybe with a little forewarning, I can stop my tongue before it gets too loose.

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