glee has ruined the gap for me

Published April 22, 2011 by veryjaneeyre

It would be awesome if this happened while I shopped at The Gap.
P.S. Patty-The guy singing is the amazing Darren Criss. So watch the damn video.

It seems like I’ve gone a little video/youtube happy lately. Sometimes I have to let the full song speak for me. I’ve been in love with Shawn Colvin’s version of I’ll Be Back for years- ever since I saw her play it on Last Call with Carson Daly maaaannnny years ago. I listen to The Beatles’ version and I’m always like No! This song works much better sounding melancholic and slow, not up tempo!! Maybe it’s because I can relate to the lyrics so damn well.

It was a painful surprise to find my heart lurching in my chest as I laid eyes on Blue for the first time in a week. It may have been best for me that he turned and walked away after that second because it gave me a moment to question why I just felt that way. Or more importantly, it gave me time to shove that feeling back down and pretend that it didn’t happen. It’s like the theory that if you act happy, eventually you’ll feel that way. It must work because today I was back to not caring if he was around.

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