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Published May 15, 2011 by veryjaneeyre

Do I have to tell the story
of a thousand rainy days since we first met?
-Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
, The Police

The rain always makes me think of him.

It may go back to that one, seemingly unguarded, moment a few years ago when he told me that he finds the falling rain peaceful. He may have been saying that about that storm, that day, but it didn’t feel like it. Consequently, whenever I watch the rain pour down, my mind drifts to that time without fail, making me feel nostalgic for one of the few times where an outsider would have thought we were friends.

Be careful. He said this to me the other day, as if I need to be reminded. Don’t talk to me about this, dude. It’s my feet that you have to remind. Sometimes I do get a bit stupid about my physical safety, but it’s never on purpose. The only thing I’m ever out-rightly careless about is my own feelings.

I’ve recently decided that I must have addictive personality disorder. While I’m not actually addicted to anything, I tend to have short bursts of obsession with things. I spend hours learning about/listening to/watching these things until I get bored or have run out of material. In the throes of obsession, it’s kinda like an addiction. And I’m rarely without an obsession. Is that worrisome?

Speaking of worrisome things- I like to watch shows of which I am NOT the target demographic. This is how I’ve come to the last thing that has been roaming around my brain: iCarly’s iOMG episode. Everyone keeps focusing on the Seddie kiss, but I want to know why Freddie would have kept a birthday card that said, “Happy birthday. I hate you. Hate, Sam.” My ‘shipper heart says it’s because despite how much she tortures him, Freddie loves Sam.  And I want someone to write a fanfic from his pov using the card as proof.

Pretty please?

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