i think you may be unplugged

Published June 13, 2011 by veryjaneeyre

The girl in the dress wrote you a song.
-Dear John,
Taylor Swift

This morning I stumbled across Acoustic Sunrise on 96.5 WTIC FM.

How did I not know that this show existed? Oh yeah, because I’m not usually in my car, listening to the radio, at 11am on a Sunday morning. And, if perchance, I am in the car, the stereo usually is playing a cd or I’m listening to the top 40 countdown on 95.7 or 101.3. Station hopping and my dislike for some current top hits led me to find this little gem of a show.

I had forgotten just how much I love acoustic versions of songs. Acoustic songs strip away so much, leaving the song raw. Nick Hornby’s novel, Juliet, Naked describes it all perfectly. The emotions put forth into the song by the singer(s) are felt so much more readily without a thrumming bass line or the dreaded autotune to distract you from the words of the song. It tends to make the song sound sadder, more desperate as was the case of the gorgeous acoustic version of Lady Antebellum’s hit, Need You Now. Or depending on the instrument used, it can make the song upbeat like Jason Mraz f/Raul Midon’s Keep On Hopin’ and Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of Over The Rainbow.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love songs that make me wanna jack the bass and watch my car windows rattle. Those songs are still fun and great to bounce around to. It’s just, sometimes, I’m looking to connect to song/artist on a deeper level; understand the motivation for the song. I am the girl who will listen to the lyrics despite the entertaining beat and frown when I find them a bit questionable. Eminem’s Talkin’ 2 Myself is a great example of that, but I won’t knock his right to free speech even when I disagree with what he’s saying.

The whole point is: the acoustic version of your favorite song just might cause you to identify with it in a whole new way. A way you may never have thought possible and that is just awesome.

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