did you feel that??

Published August 23, 2011 by veryjaneeyre

I fe[lt] the earth move
under my feet.
– I Feel the Earth Move,
Carole King

I got to find out firsthand today that minor earthquake tremors feel just like vertigo. It’s a good thing that I didn’t know that until today or I would have spent both France trips convinced that the whole country was always having small earthquakes.

Apparently as said tremors were occurring, I looked panicked. Of course I looked panicked, I was mildly panicking! I was trying to figure out if the vibrating floor was going to get worse and if I needed to be diving for the nearest door frame.

God, it was disturbing.

Speaking of disturbing, BTWedding was bizarre. Is it wrong that I enjoyed the subplot of Buddha Bob/Mrs. Knight more than the James/oc plot? Something about that episode just felt wrong to me- maybe it was the “16” year old boy almost getting married because he had to stroke his ego and inadvertently proposed to a princess in doing so. Maybe it was the lack of a “Kendall” plan. Maybe I’m just thinking too hard about it.

Speaking of Kendall, he was sick this past weekend and was not allowed to fly out of LA for the shows on the east coast (as he stated via twitter). I’m still really confused as to how BTR could perform one man down, especially since Kendall’s lead on most tracks. Anyone wanna enlighten me?

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