good days look like this

Published November 18, 2011 by veryjaneeyre

Like I could knock on your door;
will you let me in?
-Letters to God, Part II;
Angels and Airwaves

I scrapped the last post where I raved a bit about AVA’s newest compilation. It’s entitled Love, so how could I not be enamored with it? Right now, I prefer part 1 over part 2 but that might change with time. Also, my current favorite song would be “Letters to God, Part II”. The lines that resound with me? I tell you I’m lost here; awaiting reply.

I had a moment with Blue yesterday. I don’t know if he recognized how nervous I was, but since I didn’t try to force anything, he was receptive to conversing with me. Which means I finally got the answer to my much wondered question and some fresh worry. Nothing’s ever clear-cut with him, I swear. I also inquired about holiday plans and got a small story in which he used the word “cockamamie”. Who the hell uses the word cockamamie anymore? Blue, that’s who.

I managed to secure something very wanted yesterday but am very hesitant to speak about it in case it doesn’t happen- for a multitude of reasons. All I’m willing to say is that I got tickets for something occurring March 1st and New England weather could ruin it. I sincerely hope not, because disappointment would maim me. (Bonus points if you got the disappointment reference. Here’s the full line: “No, rejection kills; disappointment only maims.”)

At work, I got something I’ve been waiting on for quite a bit of time. This means I have some work to catch up on Monday, but I should have a very large monkey off my back soon-ish. That’ll be awesome.

Sister wants to see Breaking Dawn this weekend. Yeah, her and about 8 million girls. Good luck to us!

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