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Published January 21, 2012 by veryjaneeyre

Complaint Friday.

  • Why is it the days that I make an effort to appear more awake are the days when people comment that I look exhausted? Apparently I’m doing a really poor job of hiding my lack of sleep. I’m going to stop trying.
  • I’m more sensitive to tones than words. I try to keep that in mind when I speak to people, so why can’t I be afforded that consideration?
  • I’ve become sucked into Words With Friends, thanks to my sister. Just one more thing for me to be addicted to.
  • I continue to suck because I haven’t written one word, drabble-wise, since last Saturday. I sent what I have written to the bday girl, I’m just waiting for feedback. Impatiently waiting. Which is probably why I have yet to commit any more words to “paper”. That and the reason above.
  • The muscles in my shoulders continue to tighten up. I know this because it hurt to roll my turtleneck and yank my hair from beneath it this morning. I really need to be looking into yoga.
  • Winter sucks. Go back to whence you came!


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