non-compliant friday

Published February 3, 2012 by veryjaneeyre

What if I say I’m not like the others?
-The Pretender,
Foo Fighters

Complaint Friday. (Almost was “compliant” Friday. If only.)

  • Got a jury duty notice in today’s mail. My tentative serving date is for the day after my dad’s birthday.  Thanks Daddy, but I’ll be asking for a date further in the year.
  • I created my own drama again today. Arghh. I really need to stop worrying about things before they happen. I was having a good week up until this afternoon.
  • I’ve been on the library’s waiting list for 3 books for almost a month. Within the last 96 hours, they’ve all become available. Download within 48 hours or forfeit your place in line. So, now I have 3 books that I need to read before the lending period is up. 3 books, 3 weeks. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, except…
  • I started a brand new story. And sorta told my beta I’d be done by Sunday. Yet again, normally not a problem, except…
  • My muse has fled. Like packed up and moved away with no forwarding address, fled. I’m almost a third way through it (most of it being a flashback, which could stand on its own) and have completely lost all steam. I should be writing drabbles for girl #1 as I finished my work for girl #2, but I HAVE NO IDEAS.
  • I have to start eating before watching Fringe. I was hungry during tonight’s episode, but was not about to break my “No eating during Fringe” rule. It was not pretty the last time I didn’t follow that advice. Speaking of Fringe, wtf?? JJ Abrams, please stop f’in with my head. 2 universes was ok, 3 is just starting to become confusing. Not to mention the whole thing with the Observers.


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