Published March 2, 2012 by veryjaneeyre

1000 Awesome Things

One day is not enough.

Seriously, the name birthday itself implies that annual celebrations of your life must be squeezed into twenty-four hours. Just one day? That’s not nearly enough time to celebrate good times, come on:

1. Besties dinner. It’s the intimate night with your closest pals — a quiet dinner in the corner of a classy restaurant, potluck at your girlfriend’s, or maybe your two oldest friends laughing over childhood memories at three in the morning.

2. The Wild Party. Midnight shots! Glittery plastic tiaras! Spin the bottle in the basement! Okay, maybe I’m outdated but the wild birthday party opens up your celebration to everyone you know, and everyone they know. Roc boys in the building tonight.

3. Fam Jam (Feat. Grandma). Sunday dinner with mom’s spaghetti, grandpa’s jokes, and beautifully wrapped presents from people who know you best. Try not to…

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