call me captain backfire

Published April 2, 2012 by veryjaneeyre

I just wanna be liked,
just wanna be funny,
looks like the joke’s on me-
so call me Captain Backfire.
-My Stupid Mouth
, John Mayer

Despite a verbal confirmation today that I really am likable (boy do I have her snowed), I have the funny thing down a bit better. At least, I think I do. Read this and you be the judge.

I wrote it for for this awesome girl I know. I may go back and work my original idea into something usable too. (M- if I do this, I’m holding it hostage. Its ransom would be my sequel. :))

I started reading a new book last night. It’s the second book of a trilogy, set in a dystopian society. Which happen to inspire a nightmare or two. Fun. Guess I need to stop reading right before bed.

The next six weeks are going to be hell. I ask that they move quickly. I hope that I find reasons to smile.

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