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to keep you in the loop

Published October 8, 2011 by veryjaneeyre

I got stuck(!) in a Superstar, Paralyzed loop on this morning. For about twenty minutes. To make things a bit clearer, this was never my intention; I just enjoyed it once I was there. (Superstar’s choreography is just goofy but! Carlos sings!!)

I started off at, thinking I was finally going to watch the season premiere of House, only to find that I need to subscribe to hulu+ for that to happen through hulu. Fuck you, hulu. I’m not paying a monthly fee just because I cannot currently access my tivo.

So then I went to watch last night’s episode of Fringe. Awesome, not on hulu+ but I can’t watch that either because it just aired and has to be 8 days behind tv airing. Grrrr. Being Erica has not started its new season over here in the US, so that was out.

It was kind of a joke that led me to look for BTR on hulu. All of the BTR videos link back to and that’s how I ended up where I did. Plus, according to, there are 2 new BTR episodes this week. This makes me very happy. I also found a cargan story where I didn’t feel like Carlos was out of character and that’s because it’s a rps fic.

And I might have a thing for facials.

Anywho, just watch the videos and get ready for album #2 from BTR. ***Updated since the Paralyzed video was taken off of youtube. Click here to get immersed in the loop of awesome on nick (gloating Kendall at the beginning of the Paralyzed clip is just a bonus…). I changed out the video with something even sweeter. BTR + Beatles = LOVE.***