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meet my monsters

Published September 28, 2011 by veryjaneeyre

If you knew what I was,
you’d run and hide.
-The Other Side,
Bruno Mars f. Cee-lo

I’m currently “baby”sitting five irrepressible monsters. It’s time you see what I’ve been dealing with.

#1- He was a rescue. He eats likes it’s his first meal of the week at every meal. He also likes to finish the others’ meals and will come back inside multiple times a day to see if his food situation has changed. He will also “bonk” you on the head with his own to remind you that he’s hungry.

#2- My baby. He’s a big boy. I call him my moose. He, too, likes to eat, but unlike #1, #2 is finicky, just like me. #2 also like to put holes into my sister after she gives him catnip. Usually it’s her flip-flopped feet he attacks; the last time it was her shirt. That being said, #2 is timid around the others.

#3- Another rescue. He was going to be brought to a “farm” and left by a coworker’s parent. I swear #3 got all his bad habits from coworker’s boyfriend. #3 used to pick on the others, at least until #5 arrived, now #3 is afraid of everything. The outdoors spook him. #3 also has a plastic fetish. Give him some flexible plastic, ie a shopping bag, a pudding cup; and he’ll chew on it.

#4- The baby. I wish I had an updated photo, because #4 is bigger now, but just as fluffy. #4 doesn’t meow. He squeaks. This is the second cat of my sister’s that doesn’t do a traditional cat meow. #4 also like to “wind” himself up prior to going outside by crouching down, wiggling and taking off like the devil’s trying to catch him. He usually ends up flying halfway across the deck before landing.

#5- the final rescue. #5 came in after he was found by my stepdad, sent to a shelter by some mean people and rescued again by my soft-hearted stepdad. Look at #5’s smug face. Despite being the last in, he rules the roost. #5 is also the most people friendly. I like to say that he acts like a dog: he follows us around and flops down to lay at our feet. He even looks like a bulldog! He also outweighs #2.

Now that you’ve met my monsters, don’t you pity me?