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this wasted block of time brought to you by james maslow

Published October 6, 2012 by veryjaneeyre

This might be my new favorite thing to look at…forever.


(Gif pulled from here!)


time of my life…sorta (part 2)

Published September 3, 2012 by veryjaneeyre

So, remember how I saw these guys in March?  Well…I saw them again last night. And I forgot one thing about closer seats.


Okay, I’m sure that’s not always true, but seriously, the girl 3 rows in front of us should have been beat down when she continued to hold up her “James, I’m your Worldwide girl” sign AFTER the song had been performed. (Irony of ironies: banner for venue’s way of resolving concert ruining issues was seen ON THE WAY OUT.) But to prove my no-consideration theory, the girl behind HER also held up a sign for a good portion of the concert. This video illustrates my point nicely (keep your eyes at the bottom of the video at the 23 second mark; I dealt with this chick for 2/3 of the concert! She was blocking 75% of my view. Grrr.) :

I would have pointed out their egregious error had they been closer to me.

How about some pretty stills instead?

Let’s start with the end. I still have errant confetti in my purse.

During the Beatles breakdown, Kendall asked the crowd: “What’s your favorite Beatles song?” Me: 8 Days a Week. Sister: ??? Me: What? It is. I don’t care that they didn’t cover it.

Logan singing “Help!”

Thankfully Logan is a good actor. He’d been tweeting emo lyrics a couple of times yesterday and I worried a bit that he’d be less than mentally present during the show. Sister blasted Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together” from the parking lot before the show for him. Venue’s house music counteracted that though…last song we heard before BTR’s set was Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain”. Me: Stop it! You’re not helping emo boy!

Carlos is just precious.

Um, Kendall? Why are you hiding your ass? What’s with the butt-flaps?

I seriously think my sister took this just for Manda. 🙂

Kendall…before he turned into a sweat ball.

Logan singing “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”.

I’m not sure why Carlos looks upset. Could it be because Kendall’s attention is elsewhere? 😉

I’m not avoiding James for those who view this and are going “Where’s James?” Sister took MANY pics of that gorgeous man.

James is “Elevate”-ing.

So beautiful.

More perfection.

I mean seriously gorgeous.

Oh…you already know.

My two favorite guys. I tried convincing sister to “defect” to their side during “Windows Down”. Alas, we did not.

I love them.

You can thank sister for video and pics…it’s my job to keep myself upright; she does everything else. Thanks, sister!

Btw, those are MY earrings.

time of my life

Published March 11, 2012 by veryjaneeyre

About a week and a half ago, I went to Foxwoods to see 4 very attractive guys sing.

James, Kendall, Logan and Carlos during "Elevate".

The word boyband has been used to describe them. Pshhht. Whatever. The term I like to use is fake boyband.

Please don’t get me wrong. I adore these guys, probably more than I should at my demographically inappropriate age, but they were put together for a tv show. Singing was not the number one priority- which is why I gave them a bit of leeway live and was happy to be proven wrong because each of them can sing and sing well. Dancing is a bit of another story, although I’ve been told that it was better than past shows. (I’m looking at you, Logan Henderson and Kendall Schmidt.)

I enjoyed the show enough to have tickets to see them next tour. I wish I had better seats this time, but at least I’ll be at the venue.

In the mean time, I’ll enjoy the pics my sister took last time.

Gorgeous James Maslow

Kendall Schmidt

Logan Henderson

Awesome Carlos Pena

excuse me while i fangirl for a moment

Published June 11, 2011 by veryjaneeyre

… but alright just won’t do anymore.
-All In My Head,

I didn’t feel the pain until it was too late. These words were spoken to me today and my only thought was: I know what that’s like; sounds like my whole life.

On a brighter note:

Adorable Logan Henderson (and James Maslow) in the studio.

BTR is hard at work on album number two. Awesome. Also looking forward to the launch of the new single, especially since Worldwide is my favorite song on the album. Yes, I may meet a million pretty girls that know my name, but don’t you worry, no, because you have my heart. Damn that Kendall. Crazy eyebrows, gorgeous voice. That line kills me every time I hear it, probably because the verse goes from Logan to Kendall unexpectedly.

Please see full song video in this blog. (You won’t be sorry, I promise!)

“Forced” my sister into watching a couple of BTR episodes last weekend and she laughed! I called her on it and she was all like “It’s just so ridiculous.” I know sister dear, thus the basis of its appeal (other than the boys….) For true hilarity, watch Green Time Rush. Carlos/James + cow plot line = a level of funny I cannot even describe. “No cow here!” *thumbs up* Is it wrong that I want the prop photo of them from that episode? The one from the top of the cow’s box with the cheesy grins and the thumbs up? No? Okay.

I have one of the fandom’s best fanfic writers writing me a piece of Jagan fluff! Her angst stuff is epic, so I know that she’ll do my request justice- especially since she made me love a Kenlos piece and I don’t even really like the thought of Carlos with Kendall (or with any one of the boys really. Poor Carlos.) Read this piece of wonderful. So I’m super excited for that, whenever it happens.

I didn’t intend for this post to be 99.9% BTR related, but my life is calm, just as I requested, so let me fangirl for a bit.