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help me help you

Published October 15, 2011 by veryjaneeyre

Half of my heart’s got a grip on the situation,
half of my heart takes time.
-Half of My Heart,
John Mayer f. Taylor Swift

I’ve been struggling for the past twenty-four hours for the right words. I’m still not sure that I’ve found them. Sometimes words fail me.

The other thing that’s failed me lately? My observation skills. Apparently when I was told to stop reading between the lines, I took those words to heart, and did just that. It turned out to be the wrong time to be doing so.

I should have known something was wrong when I called myself annoying and he gently disagreed with me. If he was being his usual self, he would have let my comment go or agreed with me. The tipping point should have been when I noticed that he insisted on sitting in the dark. That should have been a red flag moment for me. How the hell did I not realize it for what it was?? Especially since I did find him gazing at me from the dark room, at one point. We just watched each other for a few seconds before we went back to what we each had been doing. Why didn’t I take that minute to go and speak with him? It’s not like he would have admitted his feelings to me, but I will not forgive myself for being a bad friend who did not fully recognize how much he’s been hurting.

I just don’t know what to do now. I feel so damn helpless. It’s not like he actually needs me for anything. But I might prove to be a good distraction.


observations and nitpicks

Published August 29, 2011 by veryjaneeyre

Logan Henderson likes to point.

Just look:

Pointing.... Logan's 2nd from the left in the back row.

Pointing...x 2. Why is Kendall pointing too?

Pointing...with James. Is Logan's penchant for pointing rubbing off?

What's this? He's pointing!

It’s become so commonplace to me that I almost don’t recognize Logan if he’s not pointing. Adorable boy.

Now, on to the nitpick that’s been driving me up a wall for the last few days.

I get that not everyone is as conscientious about spelling and grammar as I am, but there is absolutely no excuse to be stupid about punctuation. Blue gets lazy with it sometimes and it takes me a few seconds to figure out what he’s trying to tell me, but this latest thing has nothing to do with him.

I was reading a story the other day where the narrative had whole paragraphs of sentences ending in exclamation points. To me, that’s the eyesight equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. I can’t take you or your work seriously if it all I hear is a high-pitched sentence ending in my head, over and over.

This is how I feel When! I! See! This!

So please don’t do it. Or I’ll find Logan Henderson and ask/plead with/command him to point at YOU while you wear a sign that says, “I! LOVE!! exclamation! points!!!!!!!!”