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here’s my list of complaints

Published January 6, 2012 by veryjaneeyre

No more messed up reasons for me to stay.
-Wasting My Time,

That less complaints resolution I mentioned last blog? I’m about to obliterate it. Get ready.

  • Sexily is not a word in my vocabulary. Sexy is subjective enough, so let’s make it more non-descriptive by throwing on an -ly and calling it an adverb. Stop using sexily, people. It makes me want to hurt you.
  • The Mountain Dew I purchased in the Call of Duty packaging is regular MD and not the tropical flavored MD I was anticipating. Still yummy, just not what I wanted.
  • A verbal acknowledgement of a couple’s wedding anniversary should be sufficient. Why should I be forced to buy a card and /or gift EVERY YEAR because two people decided to get married?
  • I’ve been sleeping horribly but don’t know why.
  • I had a bad day yesterday only to have it compounded by an even worse day today. Congratulations. If your goal was to make me hate you, you’ve succeeded because you certainly aren’t my favorite person.
  • Why does google have to have encrypted search terms? For privacy? What’s that? Now I can’t figure out what brings people here when people do a search while signed in at google. Not signed in? I can totally see that speedo-gate has made a resurgence (11 views today alone) and that someone searching for a “sympathetic cryer” has found me, again.
  • A few memories of almost being beaned with a door by my not favorite person still make me very wary when I approach said door. I hate that he continues to impact my actions.
  • March 1st seems so f’in far away. Damn it. I want to see BTR now!
  • The fact that I had to make a complaint list. This may become my Friday thing. Store all my complaints and let them all out at once. Sounds like a plan.

i’m ready to go

Published November 15, 2011 by veryjaneeyre

I must be dreaming,
don’t hit the alarm clock.
Love Me, Love Me,
Big Time Rush

I warned you. Click here to listen to Elevate in full.

Love Me, Love Me would be my favorite of the songs I hadn’t already heard aka the songs that have not been a part of the episodes. I’m really curious to see how they can pull off this song live because I think it’s damn near impossible.

I’m also sad that Paralyzed didn’t make the cut since I love it too. :/

To cheer up, I like to watch the Music Sounds Better With U video.

Oh, and seeing just how many people continue to look for the speedo picture amazes me.

omg, the sky is falling!

Published August 16, 2011 by veryjaneeyre

I’m having another episode,
I just need a stronger dose.
– 7 Minutes in Heaven (Atavan Halen),
Fall Out Boy

I’m Miss Worst-Case Scenario. I will panic over things that I link up in my head that have no basis in reality.

I was mildly reprimanded the other day and I keep waiting for something harsher to happen to me. So when people started to act a bit more secretive and strange near me today, I spent a good portion of my day on edge waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It doesn’t matter that I barely had any info to be jumping to that conclusion, I still leapt there without a second thought. I end up inventing most of the drama in my life. How the hell can I stop myself from doing this? I really don’t like the vicious cycle that goes on- calm for a while and then near blind-panic every day for weeks on end.

Thankfully, something usually comes along to pull me out of my panic but considering that I’ve just started this wave, it might be awhile before I can convince myself that there’s nothing worth the stress I’m placing on me.

I can also de-stress with BTR.
New episode on Saturday (8/20).

I finally got my sister hooked on these adorable boys and when I was explaining the plot of BTWedding, I paused at “James accidentally proposes to….” trying to get a correct description of what I had seen in the commercial. She took it upon herself to fill in the blank with “Logan?” This response made me goggle at her a bit because I can’t convince her to pair any of them up at all, let alone my favorites James and Logan. That would make the Kames fans unhappy, silly sister.

Speaking of BTR fans, have I missed something or is the rest of the world finally catching up to Speedo-gate? My blog views have sky-rocketed since people have actively started searching for a picture of the BTR boys (plus Dustin) in some tight looking, tiny shorts. (I’m not linking it here; you wanna see it, search for it!) It’s the pic I pull up when my sister claims Logan’s too skinny.

My response to that? No way! Look at those muscles; yum!